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Scotland Stone

14 Apr
April 14, 2013

Whether left in its natural state or transformed by hands using crude tools or by skilled stonemasons – in neolithic times, the Middle Ages, the Industrial Revolution and into the 1800’s – Scotland provided some beautiful examples of transformed stone to photograph. These stones contain wonderful colour and texture brought out by light and shadow and you can’t help but reach out to touch and run your hand along the surface. Image of the Horizontal Click Mill, Dounby, Orkney
Brodgar1Ring of Brodgar, Orkney
Ring of BrodgarRing of Brodgar, OrkneyElginWorn Steps, Elgin CathedralEarl's PalaceDry Stone Wall, Earl’s Palace, Birsay, OrkneyBonaweCharcoal Shed, Bonawe Iron Works
Iona GalleryConverted Croft House, Isle of Orkney